All About Me


Radio presenter, Singer and Musician,BnB owner. I present shows on Susy Radio Fri 10am-12 and Sat 10am-11.
Promoter of Bands/live music.

Animal bonkers .I walk/foster  for
Have been a Radio head since 1990, starting off on Redhill Hospital Radio and graduating to Various FM RSL’s to make my way to Susy Radio 103.4FM in 2012, my shows include fresh new music/local happenings and info, my slant on current news etc.I often feature a Rescue Dog of the week.

Musically, I sung in a band at 17 and have taken it up again with a gap of many years with the help and encouragement of musical peeps, including Rich from Panther Studios (Ex TenPole Tudor)  the guys from Madfish and Mick (Ex Wot Nots) and Scott who formed part of my band Torpedo Rain.

I have played Bass live and sung backing/joint  vocals for Madfish 

For Torpedo Rain I sing lead vocals and play bass, we play original pop/punk. We are on hiatus at present.

As Colin (Ex cutting Crew) said to me when I met him recently at a gig, what would life be like with no music ? Hmmmm…..don’t even want to contemplate that !


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