Keeping music LIVE !

Hi there,

Happy to report the band night ‘LIve at the Limes’ was a great success on the 3rd Dec.

It is always a risk when you organise a night with 3 original bands in a pub not known for Live music…however there was a good turnout and all 3 bands put their all into  top performances !

Chuffed that people from local studios Dragonfly and Panther made it, along with a fair few musicans and some people who organise gig nights and had come to access the talent on offer.

Mick the Landlord and his staff were pulling pints all eve so he was pretty pleased, he’s a rock fan and he asked me to turn my Rocky DJ mix UP ! I like him !!

We raised £200 for Rescue Remedies and am sure the Bar furries approved


Pop Punk rules
Pop Punk rules – Emnibis n me
Objayda Rocking the Limes
Objayda Rocking the Limes
Troubled Minds first gig this year
Troubled Minds first gig this year









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