Probably about time I updated this site !

Hi there !

I do tweet most days with updates but have been rather lax on updating this site.

Well I continue to promote New Music on my Susy Radio show Fri 10am-12 and have added another show on Saturdays 10am-11 to provide a live show from my new Studio C .

Musically I can’t be in a band at the moment but am glad I can still DJ here with my rescue dog Buttons at my feet.

Here’s hoping I can share some live gig info soon…but it seems a little way off as it stands.Do join me for my parties on air tho !

Kind wishes






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Well folks..time has flown and I haven’t updated my blog much, even tho I have been tweeting and facebooking.

I wanted to share my experience at this festival because, well, for one thing I was going to go, but didn’t actually expect to perform there !

My band Torpedo Rain were offered a slot on the Lark Recordings stage , in the Bohemia Marquee on Sunday 10th September and we didn’t have to be asked twice !

Spookily enough our Drummer Scotts son Jake did the sound for the Park stage , hosting the amazing Vapors and we were all happy to meet them backstage for a catch up, we loved their set, it was brilliant… rained a tad, yes by the time I finally got round to meeting the Vapors my hair was a bit bedraggled, but these things matter not…..(but note the hair on stage was erm a bit different, before the drowned rat look :0) )

Some amazing artists gave their time to entertain and and if you didn’t make it this year, go next year…keep music LIVE !

Torpedo Rain at Always the Sun


The Vapors and Torpedo Rain


ATS Selfie






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Torpedo Rain LIVE in Reigate at the Red Cross :: Billie Fox sings live at Susy Towers

12th Feb 2017  Torpedo Rain came to town…Reigate Town that is……

We tried out of our new set up with the invisible Drummer (Martin of the Weird things/Johnny Moped, gave his time to record our tracks)

It worked really well, Martin said it was the easiest gig he has ever done, ha ! I have named the tablet I used to set it up..Martin :0)

The night was very busy and our thanks to Andy Cranham for sorting out the technicals and sound (he also lent me a mic stand, mine fell apart !)

Now we have a plan to play live at locally using this set up, so watch this space  and our grateful thanks to top Drum Destroyer Martin .

t rain op mic best right way up

Martin also took time out to visit Susy Towers recently with the uber talented Billy Fox, check out the podcast now up on this site.

Billie Fox photoSee Billie and The Weird Things, also Wake 24th March at The Scream Lounge Croydon .






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Keeping music LIVE !

Hi there,

Happy to report the band night ‘LIve at the Limes’ was a great success on the 3rd Dec.

It is always a risk when you organise a night with 3 original bands in a pub not known for Live music…however there was a good turnout and all 3 bands put their all into  top performances !

Chuffed that people from local studios Dragonfly and Panther made it, along with a fair few musicans and some people who organise gig nights and had come to access the talent on offer.

Mick the Landlord and his staff were pulling pints all eve so he was pretty pleased, he’s a rock fan and he asked me to turn my Rocky DJ mix UP ! I like him !!

We raised £200 for Rescue Remedies and am sure the Bar furries approved


Pop Punk rules
Pop Punk rules – Emnibis n me
Objayda Rocking the Limes
Objayda Rocking the Limes
Troubled Minds first gig this year
Troubled Minds first gig this year









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